Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yule Fire

Sky turns gray
Wind blows like the hawk
Soaring through this endless dream
Called life.

Bundle up
Light the hearth fires
Store and stash
This harvest.

Call upon the old knowledge
Taught through childhood
Body or soul
Life or lives.

Gather with those close to heart
Keep the fires alive
Lit deep in our souls
For the spring to come...

K.J.K  12-22-07

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Rainbow window
Twinkling stars
The soft thump thump
A heart.
Moments of youth
Glimpsed though older eyes
Recalled as if a dream
Perhaps real.
Perhaps just ramblings
What could have been
Is not.
Cold clouds
Move past the horizon
The chill pervades
Like it always does.
K.J.K.  12-22-07

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Robin and I are ten years old.
Robin shows her love for me by pelting me with stones.
Sharing sodas at the drug store by Saint Bart's.

Playing at her house.
I'm captain Keyser - she's Juniper.
Leaders of the new realm.

Living in our huge underground city.
The last bastion of civilization on Earth.
Captain Keyser is human.
Juniper is fairy.

Together we battle the evil that would take the underground city.
Play is disrupted as we both notice her, the old lady walking down Waveland Ave.
Cane in hand, cape blowing in the fall wind.

"She's a witch!" Robin says, not a trace of fear in her.
I just nod, aware of this feeling I have felt before.
I was supposed to keep away from her.
But I kept running in to her at the oddest of times.

Taking out the trash for mom.
Going to the corner grocery story for penny candy.
Playing with Robin.

When we would see her walking down the street.
We'd ask her things.
She'd smile and tell us that we already knew them.

Mother would fetch me away;
Forbidding me to see her again.
I never did.

She died soon afterwards.
Robin moved away the next spring.
I played with Billy.
Until his father died and Billy went mad at age 13.
I waited a while and went mad at age 39.

Just before that end.
When I tried to die.
I was shopping at Harlem Irving Plaza.
Trying to find a cure to loneliness and pain.
No one seemed to be selling such a thing.

Thought a book would help.
Stopped at Walden Books.
This woman is standing at counter.
Necklace of pentacle and moon.
She rings me out.

In my head I hear:
"There is magick within and without you, you are NOT alone!!"
I say nothing, not believing it.
Except my left arm is tingling like hell...

Beltane, 1996.

Death has a laugh!
Shares a pint or two.
Blood, not ale.
But you already know that story!

Candlemas, 1999.

The river is flooded and out of it's banks.
Stone circle, under water.
I stand as near as I can to the spot.

Surrounded by the ducks.
Some deer.
The Spirits that love this place so much.

Trace a circle in the mud.
Start to say a prayer.

A flutter in the wind.
Hairs stand up on end.
Turn around.

Robin is standing by the old hollow, tree.
Red cape blowing in the cold wind.
Seven pointed star pendant around her neck.
Smile on her face.

Blues and yellows.
Cascade through the plane.
This is going to so damn good!

...... To Be Continued....

K. J. K. 2-21-99