Monday, May 3, 2010

The End of Things

An omen to the future appears in the form of a butterfly with large, outstretched wings.

She looks at me - sings:

"Cycles and circles are much and the same.  No matter what happens no one creature is to blame! 

What was shall be once more when reinvented by some far off successor.

You are at a crossroad; which shall you take?  The easy, the hard, the one that scare's you so much you shake?

What has now just begun shall for many years divide the whole out of the one. 

Courage is easy when reading story or verse. It's harder, of course, when it's your life that may turn out worse.

You already know what decision is right, 'cause you think it your heart feels oh so light.

Life is short, yet all so long. Listen, child, as I finish this song;

I sing the song of life I play that music with this inner-soul-fife. 

Morning's sun will find me asleep. Remember this song, child – don't weep.

Echoes to the start, echoes to the end. No one ever really dies, my friend!"

This must be the end of things.  For I just saw my past life fly away, on butterfly's wings!


05/03/10 Revised
01/23/89 Original