Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fonts Haunt Me

Well, still having some font issues buy everything looks much better now.  You will find that some poems seem to be in a bigger font size then the others.  Yet when I edit them everything is the same.  Grrrrr! So I think this is the way it all has to stay for now. At least until Blogger (Google) fixes their editor. So, probably forever...


(The Human Chronicles, Part 1)

Perhaps it's because the way I was raised.
    Perhaps it's because of those around me.
        Perhaps there is no reason.

Computers I understand.
    Work the magick of -
        Bit, Byte, Modem.

Cats I understand.
    The need for heat.
        Constant grooming.

Humans, my fellow humans.
    I just don't get them.
        Yes means no, no means yes, maybe...

The walls we build.
    Custom, practice, tradition
        Boys don't cry.

Sex is love.
    Love ain't sex.
        Forever is the next morning.

Don't put wallets in front pockets.
    I can't sit down
        That way!

All wanted is to reach out.
    But the fear keeps the corners.
        Only places to sit.

Rejection is modus operandi
    Love should be repaid with the same.
        Not pushed aside, blocked with walls.

    So many rules.
        Break them all!!!

What is society?
    Why allow it to dictate to the soul?
        How do you know this is bad for me??

Inside the bird soars.
    Outside he sits in a corner.

K.J.K. 2-11-01

Sunday, December 9, 2012

End of the World

They said the world would end.
Four days ago.

Instead, a cold wind blows.
It is December, after all.

All the energy spent -
By the popular press.

Tabloid tales -
Doom and destruction.

Yet the sun still shines.
The wind still blows.

The rain still falls.
Droplets on brown leaves.

Inside a microcosm -
Bacteria scurry about.

Like they always have.
But there is something different.

The change is almost undetectable.
Transitions rarely begin with a bang.

Rather they are another step.
Forward in this paragon of existence.

God is wise.
And has unlimited patience.

K.J.K.  12/1/2012