Monday, April 29, 2013

The Auspices of Love

So many years ago;

Close like yesterday.

Far away like a lifetime ago.


39 years old.

Nothing to show for it.

Except pain, tears and self destruction.


Doors opened with the flashing of a still blade.

Hearts opened, emotion spilled.

On stage and life.


Diversity of age, race and outlook.

So many ideas never before dreamt of.

Let alone pondered.


I am not alone!

Soul family, blood family.



Ordinary Angels.

Unaware of their “angelic” qualities.

Or “Fae” attributes.


Just people like you and me.

Doing the best that they can.

Holding up a candle in the darkness.


55 Years old.

I’m not a rich man.

But I have a treasure trove of family.


Blood and Soul.

Who wrap around me as I do them.

Watch out for each other.


Share this special magic.

I see in their hearts.

This magic, I think better known, as the auspices of love.


K.J.K. – 1/12/2012