Saturday, October 30, 2010


"Ding-a-dong, rang the bell, the old man smiled 'cause he knew at his door was some kid dressed up like a creature from hell!

He was a crusty old soul; he lowered the Halloween treat from the second floor using an old fishing poll.

He used sheets to make up some spooks, to give a fright to those trick or treating kooks.

Then he dropped the treat, beside their startled feet.

Watched them jump and smile, pick up the treat and run for a mile!

He has seen all manner of ghoul.  From the simple ghost to hockey masked Jason's holding some bloody tool.

Yeah, he had seen it all, but it was that last caller that, finally, made him fall.

Out the window down to the ground landing with a thud and then no more sound.

An eerie silence filled the land - the creature moved its hand.

Grabbed a now bloody paper, its name em-blazed in fonts that taper.

Red, white, blue and blood, its political career ended in one final thud.

As for the man who did fall at the sight of the thing that scared him most of all.

He survived with new knowledge, something that they would never teach in collage:

Halloween isn't over, they say. Until the horrors of Election Day.

K. J. K -    10-24-96 10/23/00 10/30/10 (Revision 3!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is the circle.
It shall not be broken

Hither to
Hither way.

The circle is forever.

Continuous -

This is the circle;
Its motions weave the web of life.

It takes hold.
Grows roots.

Firm, deep - long.
For this is the circle.

It shall not be broken.

K.J.K.  10-05-10