Friday, October 7, 2011


You know me.
My hopes, dreams, passions.

It seems, sometimes, though.
That you like the game of baseball.
Now I'm not a sport's fan, Lord.

But it seems like your favorite pitch is the curve ball.
When you least expect it.

Here I sit, worrying about this or that.
When something out of left field.
Throws me for a loop.

Left field..
Got three on base, Lord.
I'm gonna bunt...

K.J.K.  - J.J. / K.J.

Happy Meal

Food court at the mall.
Doesn't matter which mall, their all the same.
She struggles in.
Walking to the side where Mc Donnalds trumpets it's golden arches.
Four footed walking stick slowly carrying her to the counter.

Happy meal, two cokes, a Big Mac.
She labors to get to the table.
Not the first table she passes by, nor the third.
But a table on the far side, near the mall entrance.

There she finally sits.
Putting the table in order.
Happy meal, coke on one side, Big Mac, other coke by her.
Napkins placed by each setting along with a fork she takes out of her purse.

She looks over and over again at the mall clock.
As if counting the magnitude of seconds passing.
Looking back to the mall entrance with eyes, eyes, that will soon sleep.

Time freezes, refuses to pass.
She cleans her glasses.
Hands shaking, more then before.

Mall door opens.
He is that age just before the teen years call him away.
To concerns of sports, cars, girls.

Her face brightens.
They hug.
In a voice more shaky then her hands:
"I got you your happy meal."

They talk.
Over the din of the shoppers.
Making memories.
Happy meals.....

K.J.K. 4-1-00