Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walk A Bout

Tethers and tatters

Hold me down.
To the remains of home.

Water would rise.
In great thrusts of passion.
Sits alone, stagnate.

The cold man is at the door.
Papers in hand.

Time to move on.
Take the best from before.
Build something.... "New".

Time invested in...
Something I, really, can't describe.
In words.

Rather in the pictures.
Conjured up in my soul.
As it push's me onward.

To find the future.
Waiting where it always has, ya know.
Around tomorrow's corner.

Time to walk a bout.
Gather up lessons
Still to be learned.

Explore the wastlands.
The furtle domains.
All the un-seen tomorrows.

Waiting to be born.
Before eyes such as ours.

Love is with me.
As I, staff in hand leave.
This time far from alone.....

K.J.K.                   8-17-99