Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Pan

I am 10.

The green swing set with yellow seats.

Motions of a stormy day.


When the waters stated pouring.

In to a heart.

That already knew.


And I am The Pan.

The little boy.

Never to grow old.


The hornets knew.

Even if frightening:

The hornets knew and protected.


The place of where I transgress.

Grip the sword of warrior.

Dipped in hemlock emotion.


And I am The Pan

See the was in front

What could of been.


If I never grew up.

To Give up that spark

Called wonder.


The Land calls me.

To the resting table

Altar of the passing plate.


Gather us hand in hand.

Heart to heart.

Celebrate this change.


Tears watering the roots of tomorrow.

As Land quakes.

And I am still The Pan.



K.J.K.  5-15-03