Saturday, October 30, 2010


"Ding-a-dong, rang the bell, the old man smiled 'cause he knew at his door was some kid dressed up like a creature from hell!

He was a crusty old soul; he lowered the Halloween treat from the second floor using an old fishing poll.

He used sheets to make up some spooks, to give a fright to those trick or treating kooks.

Then he dropped the treat, beside their startled feet.

Watched them jump and smile, pick up the treat and run for a mile!

He has seen all manner of ghoul.  From the simple ghost to hockey masked Jason's holding some bloody tool.

Yeah, he had seen it all, but it was that last caller that, finally, made him fall.

Out the window down to the ground landing with a thud and then no more sound.

An eerie silence filled the land - the creature moved its hand.

Grabbed a now bloody paper, its name em-blazed in fonts that taper.

Red, white, blue and blood, its political career ended in one final thud.

As for the man who did fall at the sight of the thing that scared him most of all.

He survived with new knowledge, something that they would never teach in collage:

Halloween isn't over, they say. Until the horrors of Election Day.

K. J. K -    10-24-96 10/23/00 10/30/10 (Revision 3!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is the circle.
It shall not be broken

Hither to
Hither way.

The circle is forever.

Continuous -

This is the circle;
Its motions weave the web of life.

It takes hold.
Grows roots.

Firm, deep - long.
For this is the circle.

It shall not be broken.

K.J.K.  10-05-10

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Will Fight

Snapping at my heals;
Like some ill tamed dog.

Wanting to grab hold;
Teeth - the shackles buried in skin.

Cutting down until bone;
Bleeding out all that is left.

Then pull me down;
In to the ranks of the depressed.

The dejected, hopeless;

I will fight this.
Tooth, claw and nail.

There is no Cold Man at the door.
The sun is shining.

The music plays.
The words are written,

So Mote it be.

K.J.K. 08-28-10

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walk A Bout

Tethers and tatters

Hold me down.
To the remains of home.

Water would rise.
In great thrusts of passion.
Sits alone, stagnate.

The cold man is at the door.
Papers in hand.

Time to move on.
Take the best from before.
Build something.... "New".

Time invested in...
Something I, really, can't describe.
In words.

Rather in the pictures.
Conjured up in my soul.
As it push's me onward.

To find the future.
Waiting where it always has, ya know.
Around tomorrow's corner.

Time to walk a bout.
Gather up lessons
Still to be learned.

Explore the wastlands.
The furtle domains.
All the un-seen tomorrows.

Waiting to be born.
Before eyes such as ours.

Love is with me.
As I, staff in hand leave.
This time far from alone.....

K.J.K.                   8-17-99

Monday, June 21, 2010

Boondoggle Man

The Boondoggle man walks.
Black, tar, sticky streets.
Like flypaper to the shoe.

Attracting worms, maggots, roaches.
Kin to its heart;
Blood relatives.

The Boondoggle man;
Pale face, blue eyelids
Grey – Mohawk – hair.

A smile made out of ashen twigs,
A heart fished from the river Styx.
A laugh, short, bitter and long.

The Boondoggle man waits.
Until the still, moonless night.
Where all is quiet;

Except your racing heart.
Something follows –
And you know it.

Around every corner.
Pausing just long enough -
For you to know it’s still there.

The terror builds.
Like a screaming in your mind.
Run, fall, curl up in a ball.

The Boondoggle Man – drinks.

K.J.K.  – 06-21-10

Monday, May 3, 2010

The End of Things

An omen to the future appears in the form of a butterfly with large, outstretched wings.

She looks at me - sings:

"Cycles and circles are much and the same.  No matter what happens no one creature is to blame! 

What was shall be once more when reinvented by some far off successor.

You are at a crossroad; which shall you take?  The easy, the hard, the one that scare's you so much you shake?

What has now just begun shall for many years divide the whole out of the one. 

Courage is easy when reading story or verse. It's harder, of course, when it's your life that may turn out worse.

You already know what decision is right, 'cause you think it your heart feels oh so light.

Life is short, yet all so long. Listen, child, as I finish this song;

I sing the song of life I play that music with this inner-soul-fife. 

Morning's sun will find me asleep. Remember this song, child – don't weep.

Echoes to the start, echoes to the end. No one ever really dies, my friend!"

This must be the end of things.  For I just saw my past life fly away, on butterfly's wings!


05/03/10 Revised
01/23/89 Original

Friday, April 2, 2010

The River Retold

Stand by the banks of the river young one.
For in the eyes of God we are all children.

I see in your mind questions, statements, answers.
I see your past, I imagine your future.

See the river and know it, as do I.
Know that the river is change, without change.

The river grows, swells in the spring's rebirth.
Water; like your tears flooding its banks.

For you too must grow.
Release your childhood fears.

Easter is not a time of personal pain and sadness.
Instead, it is metamorphosis.

It is the return of life to the natural world.
The world you have locked yourself away from.

Safe and secure.
In rooms of glowing silicon.

Listen to the wind.
Then message it carries.

The river beckons you.
Return to it's bank's once again.

The river is life.
The river is death.

Take but a sip of its water, a blue,
Thou shall understand!

K. J. K.  04-02-2010

Based on "The River" written 05/27/85.

Dedication: K. K.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Naughty Bits

Waiting next to the room, where cars expose themselves.

Their naughty bits dangling from elevated lifts, for all to see.
The hands of the mechanic stroking them to the ultimate release of their inner fluids.
At least my car got lucky today...



Friday, January 29, 2010


I am the destroyer.
Like Shiva.
Like Trinity

One thousand times the light.
One million times the dark.
The cold compass pointing south.

I am the grind.
The day to day wearing down
Of your soul.

Call me age.
Call me job.
Call me anything you wish.

I am the destroyer of worlds.

The cold glass is frosted.
The moon pours in.
As the soul pours away…

K.J.K.  01-29-10

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Glisten

We stand before and about each other.
     Stage; which our feet walk so gently across.

Not-cry love, for hands in hands hold holy in Gods glove.
     Twinkle goes your eyes, now not is time but none for lies.

Troubles go, come, and go, upon lives which, like ours, will see many more.
     I see into the tears that fall cheek upon face which is, oh so, beautiful.

Know as do I that force mighty as this, our love, shall hold together all.
     The tears that glisten on your cheek's shall time, in time, stop.

Futures bright as now but then predicted, are bright
     Too bright to be stopped by needless things.

Words are not to now needed.
     For meaning is understood now - forever.

I love you.

K.J.K. - 10/21/76

From the audio play: H.S. 1977 "Of Thing's that should never be"