Sunday, April 15, 2012


Do you really believe in all these things?
Do you believe that miracles can still occur?
Not ripped out of some holy book.
Telling a story out of the distant past.
Do you believe they occur in the here and now?

There is a flaming sword.
Dangling high above.
Its fire can burn.
As much as it can heal.
Its blade can cut a path to the heart.
Of all it touches.

There is a sun, struggling to keep all its pain within.
Occasionally spewing forth flares.
Geomagnetic storms.
Radiation, both visible and invisible.
To those who look.

Do you listen for God’s call?
Would you recognize it if you heard it?
Above the din which is all of human kind.
The beep - beep sounds made by roving rows of silicon.

These are the wild times.
Foretold eons ago.
Earth Child – Capricorn’s dust.
Let the water flow.
Know not what dam bars you from this place.

The Earth is fragile.
The Earth is strong.
The song you feel is real.
What moves you to words is no more the end.
It’s a call.

You are on a conference call with God.
Along with the other players in this scheme.
The monsters and the saints.
The jackal and the snake.
The woman and the man.

Not embarrassed of themselves like in Genesis.
Rather, confidant of their place.
For the world is changing.
The rules are all mixed up and hard to hear.

The song you feel is real.
Listen to it now.
The Messenger sings.
Listen to it!
Pick up the phone…

K.J.K. – 04-15-2012