Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hemlock House

I'm in the house of hemlock thee you know me sweet.
I'm in the house of hemlock just aging, rotting meat.
I'm in the house of hemlock little do you know.
I'm in the house of hemlock drinking it all in before I go.

K.J.K.  08/12/2014

Saturday, August 15, 2015


End Times 11

He paid a visit the day before now.
We talked over hot tea turning iced.

The state of affairs
The state of the State.

The red hot blood.
Turning blue.

What is the future?
What is to know?

How many years lay ahead -
Before it all catches up?

Before I leave you all?
To whatever devices you see fit?

Then exist only in memory.
And then not even there?

Is the world gone crazy?
Or is it just a local phenomena?

Pipe dreams?
Pikes Peak?

The cold rain of a Seattle morning?
The weirdness of Portland?

Never thought about this before.
The turning of the screw.

On this rack called my life.
Notch by notch.

One day something's going to snap.
Hey! Step on a crack, break yo Momma's back.

The Cold Man puts his frozen tea down.
Turns to walk out the door.

Turns back with a smile:
"The eviction papers will be ready whenever you are."

K.J.K. - 08/15/2015