Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Can't you hear it?
The inexorable movement of time?
Tick, tick, tick.

Second hand sweeps forward;
Ever forward:
Like a solder's march.

To these green fields;
Of imagined rest.
Where hearts beat no more.

Tears are dried.
Debts settled.
The soul freed to carry on.

Can't you hear it?
Above the din of balls dropped;
Firework's crackle;

The hoot and holler.
Pots and pans;
Clanged together.

The New Year;
The Old Year;
Occam's razor.

The edge so bright and clean.
A perch to watch what is to come.
As we live on this teeter totter.

Tick, tick, tick;
Toc, toc, toc;
Is the answer is so simple?

K.J.K. 12-30-09