Friday, April 2, 2010

The River Retold

Stand by the banks of the river young one.
For in the eyes of God we are all children.

I see in your mind questions, statements, answers.
I see your past, I imagine your future.

See the river and know it, as do I.
Know that the river is change, without change.

The river grows, swells in the spring's rebirth.
Water; like your tears flooding its banks.

For you too must grow.
Release your childhood fears.

Easter is not a time of personal pain and sadness.
Instead, it is metamorphosis.

It is the return of life to the natural world.
The world you have locked yourself away from.

Safe and secure.
In rooms of glowing silicon.

Listen to the wind.
Then message it carries.

The river beckons you.
Return to it's bank's once again.

The river is life.
The river is death.

Take but a sip of its water, a blue,
Thou shall understand!

K. J. K.  04-02-2010

Based on "The River" written 05/27/85.

Dedication: K. K.