Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Can't you hear it?
The inexorable movement of time?
Tick, tick, tick.

Second hand sweeps forward;
Ever forward:
Like a solder's march.

To these green fields;
Of imagined rest.
Where hearts beat no more.

Tears are dried.
Debts settled.
The soul freed to carry on.

Can't you hear it?
Above the din of balls dropped;
Firework's crackle;

The hoot and holler.
Pots and pans;
Clanged together.

The New Year;
The Old Year;
Occam's razor.

The edge so bright and clean.
A perch to watch what is to come.
As we live on this teeter totter.

Tick, tick, tick;
Toc, toc, toc;
Is the answer is so simple?

K.J.K. 12-30-09

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grandma's Arms

She knitted this as a wedding gift to my parents.

            Hand crafted made stitch by stitch, over fifty years ago.


As a boy it warmed me when sick or cold from winter's play.

            Time passes and a boy I am not.


But this afghan, this work of art still warms me.

            In heart as well as body;


As if Great Grandma opens her arms to me.

            The afghan wrapped all around.


And the chill is gone....


K.J.K. 1-29-96




Sunday, November 9, 2008


"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" plays on the Muzak.
            All are gathered 'round table of family.

He Smiles to Daddy's play;
Bouncing up and down - giddy up, horsey!

Only to break free and run;
Mother in chase.

Then caught up in her arms and brought back to table.
            Ready to run again like some kind of cycle.

A game, really;
            Day, night, day.

For they, too, will repeat.
            Life goes on and we grow.
Like Noah after the flood.
            God's promise to us all...

K.J.K. 11-09-08


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thundering Age

We are in the age of thunder!
Hamstruck in Beal
None the luck -
Hand to foot
Mouth to hand.

It is the stars
Calling out in their motions;
Navigating the universe
In orderly fashion.

We are in the age of thunder;
Clap! In the storm raging – ‘round
Wait for the momentary blurring white flash
Take away this darkness.

Reveal all the heavens.
Seraphim and Cherubim;
Fae – Otherkin
God’s administrative assistants.

Hamstruck in Beal.
Mead drunk in toast.
Colors – indigo, white.
They are here…

K.J.K – 09-21-08

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Indigo Tide

There is no written record.
            When it happened is a mystery.

Perhaps the stars aliened.
            Perhaps they reached a critical mass.

Before returning.
            Shattering in to thousands, perhaps, millions of pieces.

Birthed to this Tara.
            To carry out the future.

They know not of.
Until they dream…

K.J.K. 04-17-08


Strum, guitar.
Play a tune.
Let it drift in and out of real time.

Tempo up beat.
Think of a pretty girl.
The way her hair moved.

Aura of motion.
Sunlit spring day.
Gentle breeze.

No one else around for miles and miles.
Smiles and kisses.
Etched upon the halls of memory.

K.J.K.  04-17-08

What Is To Be

Blue Angel sings once again.
She dances through the darkness of night.
Lights up this place of dreams.

For this is the moment we have all waited for.
Like Cubs fans waiting for the 'Series.
It's time to dance with an Angel.

Not to music.
But to life.
That - which is still to come.

For the new prophesy is ready to be inked.
Sealed in wax that is our lives.
Committed to memory.

Verbal then written.
Law to legend.
Legend to myth.

Then pass in to the twilight.
When the next one.

K.J.K. 04-17-08


Friday, March 28, 2008


Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

It moves through the day.
Cutting aside the countryside.
Onward towards a certain future.
In rhythm, in rhythm, with the rails...

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Taking us to or from - somewhere.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

The rail calls us.
Say's it's time to move on.
Ticket your soul,ticket your soul, ticket your soul and ride!

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump.

Da, da, dum.
Da, da, dum.
Thump, thump......

K. J. K.   08-31-97 (Revised 11-30-99)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out-a Time

The river gurgles, rushes.
With early melt.

I stand on its banks.
Observing this flow of time.

Keenly aware;
Water runs deep.

Like veins.
Pumping a thinner blood.

Bringing back a childhood memory.
Long lost.

Covered in this grayness
Called age.

I’m like a thawed caveman – awakened
I stand out of time.

I belong to it
I do not.

Time has passed me by as I watched
And now it’s far too late….

K.J.K  03-04-08

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Each of us, you and or I:
Has a link with the past, with those who did live, love - die.

They've made a future for us.
In doing so they have placed the world into our trust.

Pictures, old and brown.
Gather dust within the home of the crown.

Send us a message about the future: 
As we sew-up, lives promised, with a very dull suture.

Start that never-ending navigation.
As love returns to this Earth another generation.

K.J.K. - 1988

From the Novella, "Love, The Many Eyed Beast"

Revised 02-14-08

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Spin the web.
            Adhesive ooze.

Spin the web.
            Tales and lies.

Spin the web.
            Who's where, why's..

Spin the web.
            Capture the prey.

Spin the web.
            Pitchman promise for a buck, 98.

Spin the web.
Spin the web.

K.J.K.  3-26-02