Friday, November 13, 2009

Doctrine of the Me

I'm man.
            I'm spirit.

I feel emotion of the self;
            Those around me.

I love from whence I became.
            I love where I'm going.

I believe in:
            Love, Touch, Tears, Laughter.

I believe in Deity
            By choice and love.

Not dictated to me.
            Nor passed to me through fear.

I believe in myself.
            I fear no power.

Because fear is a power.
            A control I reject.

I believe in Creation.
            Of the soul, mind, will.

I'm man.
            I'm spirit.

I will die.
            I will live.

Until all the lessons are learnt.
            The chalkboard empty.

Then I will move on.
            To whatever comes next.

K. J. K. 5-8-98
Revised – 11-13-09