Monday, September 14, 2015


This is not real.
This is a lie perpetuated by the ad-men of fifth avenue.

The products they sell.
To "slim."

Make you feel less ugly
Then you know you are.
Because you buy in to the lies.

Which are crafted by masters.
Seething out of all media.
Like a green, oozing, slime.

The more ugly you feel.
The more product they sell.
In the name of being "perfect".

Who knows what is perfect?
Do you?

Perhaps, just perhaps -
Perfect is what you already are.
But you don't believe it.

Because they are masters.
In making you believe the lie.
Drinking all the Kool-Aid you can get your hands on.

In the mirror you see "fat".
In the mirror you see "plain"
In the mirror you see their lies.

Not what the world sees.
Or those who would love you see.
If you would realize that you are already perfect.

K.J.K.  09-14-2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Heart Wall

It's been years now.
So long that one questions memory.

Did that actually happen?
Was it a dream of something that never was?

Perhaps as memory fades we make up the better tale.
All too soon dismissing the real.

After all, there is no evidence.
It was lost by the hands of a mad man.

Torn up and thrown in the air.
Floating away like so many yellow, ruled butterfly's.

But it was real -
Wasn't it?

That and the message it carried.
Plying at a stubborn mind to remember.

Until something brakes.
The damn of emotion overflows.

And the memory is oh so very sweet.

K.J.K.  09/07/2015