Friday, December 11, 2009

The Passing of Years

End Times 8

Rolling thunder echoes in your years.
Gathering strength;
West wind turns north.

Do you look in mirrors?
Expectant of some surprise.
Only to find an older you looking back?

Do the days move by ever swifter?
"Today is Wednesday, no Thursday?"
Just another day.

What happened to the youth within?
Passion for things anew.
Everyday an adventure.

Is age an arbitrary number?
A state of mind?
A limit?

What of the future?
That glowing promise.
Is there one?

What of the past?
Is it real?
Or just happy memories, embellished by the mind?

The cascade of time.
The passing of years.
Ticking off all the time you have left.

To do what?
Blow out like Elton John's candle?
Or go on and face the future?

Cold and indifferent as it may be.

K.J.K. 12-11-09