Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Blue Bunny Bop

It was during the time of night that is as dark as ink, it was then I started dreaming, I think!

I was at the place that we all know and Blue Bunny came alive; told me where to go.

I came to a room that was never there, of this I can truly swear.

Oh and following me did Blue Bunny hop.  For the sign on the door said "WELCOME TO THE BLUE BUNNY BOP".

I entered the room and to my surprise I saw thousands and thousands of Blue Bunnies staring me in the eyes!!!!

In the back you were standing alone, waiting for a Blue Bunny to get off the phone.

I was just about to ask you to dance when that alarm clock bell ruined my chance!

So this is my story, probably stupid you think.

But just now, I saw Blue Bunny wink!!

K.J.K.  - Easter 1984

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