Saturday, July 26, 2014

Circle Of One

She dreams.
Of forgotten things.
Lives hidden in the fallacy of life.

Of her father, Taslasness.
The Land Of Wonder.
Twelve towers gleaming gold.

The river of life:
He sits on it's banks.
Fishing for more then song of verse can say.

"Where has all the Magic gone, father?
No, not only Magic but wonder, awe at the everything?"
The water splashes with no reply.

"What has been lost:
Life filled too much with the day to day.
No time to live after all the time spent on living.

Father, I remember you!
Speak, please to me."
And the river is a dry bed and no one is sitting on it's banks.

A hedgehog speaks:
"Upon the night of this heart, believe!"

Fades out to the dust of the once river, now desert.
Nothing left
After drying of the flow.

Which runs from the inner self.
This child -
Should never die.

"Harken the word!"
Said the man on the radio.
She awakes.....



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