Thursday, January 11, 2018

The New Normal

So what is The New Normal of my life?
The reality now and not some embellishment.

Well number one is I'm probably never going to walk again.
I'm okay with that.

Gets me out of driving that's for sure.
I have never liked driving.

But does cut down on what I can do.
And where I can go.

Like anything else in life there are positive and negatives.
No more driving in snow storms make that a huge positive.

I'm also going to need help to do a lot of stuff.
Like getting dressed and stuff I'd rather not talk about.

Okay so what can I do?
I can write Thank God, I can write.

I can be creative with my art.
That's the big one.

I can still design systems infrastructure I just can't implemented it.
It will take longer of course but that's okay.

There is actually a lot I still can do.
So I guess I should get down to doing it.

K.J.K.   01/11/2018

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